Little bites for any occasion. Something to nibble on over good conversation!
  • Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

    • Minis: 300g(approx. 45-50) $17
    • Regular (15) $17
    • XL (10) $24

    Delectable, chewy cookies with a crisp exterior. Fine dark/milk/white chocolate couvertre chips(have one kind or even a mix of both kinds at no extra charge. 

    A variety of sizes for you to choose from. 

    P.S. Please inform us if you'd like your cookies crunchy all the way through! We go both ways 😉

  • Ferrero Rocher Cookie Cups

    • 6pcs $17.50
    • 24pcs $60

    Our chocolate chip cookie dough, stuffed with a whole entire sphere of Ferrero Rocher, baked in a muffin tin.

    Enough said. 

  • Mudslide Cookies

    • Minis: 300g (45-50pcs) $17
    • Regular (15) $17
    • XL (10) $24

    Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate. These babies merge the two things that makes everyone (well, us at least) go weak in the knees for: Brownies and Cookies!

    They fudgy like a brownie, but crisp on the outside like a cookie. 


    Take some home, warm 'em up a little and have it with a big scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Let it be your dirty little scret 😉

  • Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

    • Regular (20pcs) $16
    • XL (10pcs) $15

    A pretty little cookie with a rich fudgy center. Red Velvet version available too. 

  • 'Oreos'

    • Minis (24pcs) $15
    • Regular (15pcs) $12
    • XL (8pcs) $14.50

    Say no more - grab a tall glass of ice cold milk and twist, lick, DUNK! Presenting our very own HOMEMADE OREOS. Yes, they're like your favourite cookies and cream sandwich, levelled up. 
    Choose from a variety of frosting flavours:
    -Plain vanilla
    -Chocolate dream
    -Peanut butter
    -Tangy Lemon
    -Strawberries & Cream
    -Cool Mint
    -Cookie Dough
    -Birthday Cake

    Be spoilt for choice.

  • Confetti Cookie

    • 20 $20

    The cookie that screams F-U-N! Buttery, cream cheese cookie. Sprinkles... lots of sprinkles. 

    Sweet. Crunch. Celebrate. 

  • Cinnamon Rolls

    • Mini (40pcs) $35
    • Regular (20pcs) $34
    • XL (10) $32
    • XXXXL (5) $30

    Fluffy, buttery buns, rolled swedish style... because we like being a little different. We also don't want to allow you the capability of unrolling it with ease! It's so good though, we wrote a poem for it:

    The bun you want
    For any kinda fun.
    The kinda bun that fills the air
    With a scent that frees you from all care.
    Sugar, spice,
    So cinnamonly nice.


    Choose your size wisely 🙂

  • Bagels

    • 10 pcs $27
    • Dip $2

    Guys, say 'I want a big girl' 10 times, really fast. Girls, you heard him, he wants a bagel! Be a big girl and get him a bagel. And another for yourself while you're at it. 

    Bagels Flavours:
    -Plain & Sleek
    -Fried shallot 


    Want a dip to go along?
    Dip flavours:
    -Spicy Ranch
    -Herbed crème fraîche
    -Sweet sambal
    -Nacho cheese
    -Cream cheese
    -Salted gula melaka caramel
    -Malted chocolate 
    -Pandan Kaya


  • Wholesome Granola Bars

    • 16 pcs $28.50

    A healthy, wholesome alternative for that perfect grab-and-go snack, or even a mealtime quickie.

    Choice of flavour are as follows:
    -Peanut butter and berry (chewy)
    -Fig-centered (chewy)
    -Maple Apple Pie (chewy)
    -S'mores (chewy)
    -Brown sugar and coconut (crunchy)
    -Trail Mix (Crunchy)
    -Dark chocolate & orange (crunchy)


  • Fudging Fudgy Brownies

    • Original (16pcs) $45
    • Cookie dough $48
    • Milo crunch $48
    • Nutella (incl. whole hazelnuts) $50
    • S'mores $50
    • Salted gula melaka caramel $50

    These moist, dense, chewy and super fudgy brownies will keep your hands dirty and your mouth busy. We like 'em on its own, but if you're a fan of nuts and whatnots, we won't stop you 😉