Sweet Tarts

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Treat yourself a tart, that's almost as sweet as you!
  • Rustic Apple Tart

    • Whole tart $48

    Buttery, flaky, shortcrust pastry. Chunky Granny Smith apples laced with cinnamon and molasses. Enclosed. 

    A whole nine inches. A scoop of vanilla would deem it divine. Perfect with a glass of fine sweet wine. 

  • Apple Oatmeal Crumble

    • Whole tart (9-inch) $42
    • Whole tart (11-inch) $50
    • Mini tartlets (24pcs) $23

    Vanilla cookie crust. Caramelized Granny Smith apples laced with cinnamon and molasses - just like our whole apple tart. Topped with an brown sugar oatmeal streussel for that extra crunch.

    A stellar balance of tartness and sweetness. 


  • Milo Dinosaur Tart

    • Whole tart (9-inch) $48
    • Whole tart (11-inch) $54
    • Mini tartlets (24pcs) $25

    Malt chocolate shortcrust base. Silky smooth Milo ganache made with milk AND dark chocolate. Generous dusting of Milo powder. 

    This one's for Singapura, and our childhoods.


  • Black Sesame & Matcha Latte

    • Whole tart (5-inch) $28
    • Whole tart (9-inch) $49
    • Mini tartlets (24pcs) $32
    • Whole tart (11-inch) $56

    Black sesame crust. Milky matcha-infused white chocolate ganache.

    For all the green tea lovers out there. 


  • Cookies & Cream Cheese Tart

    • Whole tart (9-inch) $42
    • Whole tart (11-inch) $50
    • Mini tartlets (24pcs) $23

    When we say 'made from scratch', we mean it - from the 'Oreo' cookies, to the cream cheese used in the filling.

    Black cookie crust. Cookies & cream cheese filling. As decadent as it gets.


  • R.I.P Tart

    • Whole tart (9-inch) $49
    • Whole tart (11-inch) $57

    The name says it all;
    A chewy-cookie-like blondie base. Peanut butter. Fine dark chocolate. Marshmallows. Salted caramel.

    Rest in piece, my friends. I know i've paid my dues. 

    9 or 11 monstrous inches for your devourment. 

    P.S. What's a blondie? Well, simply put, it's denser than a chocolate chip cookie, more complex than a brownie. 

  • Lava Cheese Tartlets (Bite-sized)

    • Mini tartlets (15 pcs) $19

    Y'know the famous LAVA cheese tarts that everyone's been going on and on about? Here it is, T&T's style. 

    Buttery shortcrust pastry; crispness that leads to an ooey gooey center made from 3 cheeses; Mascarpone(homemade) for its smooth creaminess, Cream cheese(homemade) for its sweetness and slightest pleasant tang, Parmesan for a mild savoury taste. 

    Smaller than your average cheese tart. Pop the whole thing in. You won't regret it. 

  • White Chocolate Cornflake Tart

    • Whole tart (9-inch) $43
    • Whole tart (11-inch) $51
    • Minis (24pcs) $24.50

    Cornflake pastry. White chocolate cake. Caramelised cornflakes topping.

    9 or 11 inches of sweet crunchy haven. Or little mini havens.

  • Lemon & Berry Poptarts

    • 6pcs $32
    • 12pcs $59

    Lemon curd. Summerberry Jam. Sweet shortcrust pastry. Cherry icing. 

  • Chai-Gingernut Cheesecake Tarts

    • Whole tart (9-inch) $42
    • Whole tart (11-inch) $50
    • Mini tartlets (24pcs) $23

    Feel right at home with the warm, soulful flavours of Chai tea & Ginger.

    Chai tea-infused baked cheesecake filling. A crust with a kick made from homemade gingernut biscuits. 

    Namaste, y'all.