Savoury Tarts

The perfect meal: A slice or two of a tasty warm tart with a cold summer salad to soften the heart.
  • Curry Puff Tart

    • Standard $18
    • Chicken/Pork/Beef curry $20
    • Sambal Ikan Billis & Peanuts $20
    • Chilli Crab $20
    • Muar Otah $21
    • Premium - Beef/Chicken/Lamb Rendang $23

    Yes you heard us right: 
    Tart shell made from flaky curry puff pastry with a curried filling within.
    Its ike an open-faced currypuff, PIMPED UP.

    Simply soul-satisfying.

    Standard fillng comprises of curried potatoes and boiled egg. 12 per order. 

    $1 for additional egg for any flavour.

  • Quiche (Original/Pizza)

    • Original $49
    • Pizza $52
    • Mini Tartlets (24pcs) $34
    • Spinach/Broccoli/Enoki mushroom $1
    • Button/Shiitake/Shimeiji Mushroom $3
    • Oyster/Portebello Mushroom $3.50
    • Sundried Tomatoes $3.50
    • Honey-baked ham/Bacon $3.50
    • Smoked Salmon $4
    • Goat/swiss/emmenthal/roquefert/buffalo mozarella $4
    • Secret-spice Roast Chicken $5
    • Homemade Char Siew $8
    • Stout-Braised Beef $10

    Rich and savoury custard topped with a golden brown crust of cheese - a trio mix of cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan. Baked within a buttery shortcrust pastry. 

    The Pizza Quiche(isn't this the best of both worlds?!) version is made with a tomato based custard mixed with fresh, homemade ricotta cheese and italian herbs.

    Complimentary ingredient included within filling- caramelised onions (pls let us know if you do not want this)

    A variety of other tasty ingredients of your choice are also available. Do inquire with us if there are other ingredients you may desire. 

    8 inches wide, 3inches high

  • Wholemeal Kicap Onion & Bacon tart

    • 5-inch $18
    • 9-inch $36
    • 11-inch $42
    • Mini tartlets (24pcs) $29

    Wholemeal parmesan crust. Sweet bombay onions caramelised with kicap manis and a touch of balsamic vinegar. Savoury bacon crumble. 


  • Fried Cauliflower Omelette Tart

    • Whole tart $52

    Squid Ink shortcrust pastry. Fried Cauliflower. Charred Onions. Egg-based. Cheesy goodness.

    8 inches wide, 3 inches high

  • Bacon Jam Poptart

    • 6 pcs $29
    • 12 pcs $52

    Bacon? Jam?? Yes, believe it. Bacon, caramelised with brown sugar and maple syrup, cooked down with spices till a jammy consistency. Stuffed in a crisp yet tender parmesan crusted tart.

    Pop it in your handy dandy toaster oven for a couple of minutes and its like it just came out of the oven! 

    It's a poptart. It's savoury. It's bacony. It's worthy. 

  • Quail Egg & Fennel Sausage Tarties

    • 6 pcs $15
    • 12 pcs $27

    Buttery shortcrust pastry. Tasty italian-spiced fennel sausage, Gooey quail egg. 

    Chicken, Pork or Beef available.

    3-inches in diameter. 

    *A tartie: Not as big as a whole tart, not small enough to be called a tartlet.

  • CHEETOS 5-CHEESE Mac & Cheese Tart

    • Mini Tartlets (24pcs) $25
    • 5-inch $26
    • 9-inch $49
    • 11-inch $52
    • Spinach/Broccoli $1
    • Muar Otah $3
    • Honey-baked ham/Bacon $3.50
    • Blue Cheese $4
    • Popcorn Chicken $4.50

    Not your average mac and cheese. With 5 different cheeses of various flavours and complexities, expect an explosion of rich, creamy goodness in your mouth. 

    Lined with a crispy cream cheese shortcrust pastry and topped with a cheesy crust made out of CHEETOS and broiled to GBD(Golden Brown & Delicious) perfection.

    Have it in its pure, unadulterated cheesy form or pimp it up with some tasty fillings. Caramelized onions are compliementary addition - tell us if you don't want them!