Festive Treats

Celebrate your festivities with our goodies!
  • Chinese New Year (ๆญๅ–œๅ‘่ดข)

  • Pineapple Tart Rolls

    • Tart rolls (as pictured, 32pcs) $21
    • Open-faced (28pcs) $21
    • Oatmeal/cornflakes crusted (open-faced) $24
    • Matcha flavoured crust $3

    Buttery, melt-in-your-mouth shortcrust pastry. Lightened spiced pineapple jam - caramelized and sweetened with brown sugar and honey. 

    A staple every household has in their babaohe(8 treasure box), 'pineapple' sounds like 'prosperity arrives' when it translates to ong lai(Hokkien) or wong lai(Cantonese).

    An additive little sweet treat enjoyed by young and old alike!

    Let us know if you'd prefer the firmer, crisp version, as compared to the melty ones. To each its own. We won't judge! (Or at least you won't know even if we do)

  • Cornflakes Cookies

    • 50 pcs $20

    With cornflakes within each cookie AND encrusted so it leaves that crunchy, caramelised taste on your tongue, you'll be enjoying sweet, corny goodness in every bite. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Literally one-bite cookies - they're each made about teh size of a 50-cent coin.


    These cookies are pretty much popular with almost every festive occasion celebrated in Singapore, but we've seen it mostly available during CNY.

  • Hari Raya

  • Malaysian Beehive/Honeycomb Cake

    • 5-inch $10
    • 8-inch $15

    Traditionally known as Kek Sarang Semut(Ant's Nest Cake), this cake boasts of its moist, springy and chewy texture, with beautiful caramel notes. 

    Not for the trypophobics, unless you're daring enough!

  • Pandan Honeycomb Cake

    • 5-inch $11
    • 8-inch $16

    A Vietnamese, gluten-free version of the Malaysian Beehive Cake known as Banh Bo Nuong.

    Flavours of pandan and coconut milk. 

  • Deepavali

  • Uniappam

    • 20 pcs $10

    Indian-style banana pancake balls. Sweetened with jaggery, lightly spiced with cardomom. Fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside. 

  • Christmas

  • Gingerbreadman

    • Miniature men (24pcs) $17
    • Regular men (15pcs) $18
    • Chocolate-dipped $3
    • Decorated with icing $5

    Every little girl's favourite Christmas treat! The time where they can have a 'man' (or more) and eat him too ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Lightly spiced with ginger, cardomom and cinnamon. Sweetened with molasses.


    Perfect with a cuppa hot chocolate. Dunk and munch!

  • Snickerdoodles

    • Regular (20pcs) $15
    • XL (10pcs) $14.50

    An old fashioned butter cookie with a cinnamon sugar coating. Your quintessential Christmas cookie. 

    If not for this page of festive eats, i'd have simply classified it as altogether the quintessential cookie.

  • Easter

  • Hot Cross Buns

    • 20 buns $32

    Fluffy brioche. Traditionally spiced, sticky glazed. Studded with plump currants and other delicious dried fruit. These sweet, buttery, fruity buns are your classic Easter treat!