No-dough pizza…?

No-dough pizza…?

Hello there all you beautiful people! It’s just past lunch time and i’m sure you’ve all had your fill, so I don’t feel so bad about perking up your appetites this Wednesday afternoon with that picture on the left displaying a gorgeous slice of….
Well, what does it look like to you? (I can already hear y’all screaming “PIZZAAA!!!”) Well, for those of you who guessed pizza, you’re not far off. Technically, it is pizza, but is it your ordinary everyday thin-crust pizza that it looks like? Not at all.

This pizza does not contain any flour. *Hollering at all the gluten-intolerant and paleo people in the house* The base of this pizza is not made with a regular pizza dough (flour+yeast+sugar+salt+water+oil). It is made with… *inserts drumroll*… CAULIFLOWER! Ground cauliflower, simply held together with some eggs and seasonings. Some might go ‘eww’ while others, ‘ooh’. Allow me to convert those ‘eww’s into ‘ooh’s while showing the ‘ooh’s how you can make this yourself in the comfort of your own home!

You’d probably have most of the ingredients at home (eggs, salt, herbs), but you’ll probably have to take a trip to the supermarket to get some cauliflower, cheese and pizza sauce (or get some tomatoes and make your own if you’re feeling like a gourmet chef!

Here’s what you’ll need for the base:

4 pounds of cauliflower (approx. two medium heads)
2 beaten eggs
2 tsp of oregano or Italian seasoning(usually contains oregano+basil+thyme+whatnot)
2/3 C goat cheese (you can use just about any kind of soft cheese. I use goat’s because I think its distinctive tang, earthy flavour and robust aroma goes great with cauliflower)
Salt and white/black pepper to taste

1)Blend cauliflower as shown on the right until it resemble the texture of rice. Bring a pot of mildly salted water to boil and pour ‘rice’ into it. 2)Cook for 4-5min or till just cooked through (cauliflower bits should have a nice, al dente kind of bite to it. Strain out water as much as possible, then pour ‘rice’ onto a big piece of cheesecloth as squeeze out as much water as you can all the water. You’ll be surprised to see how much water is can be wrung out.

3)Open up your cheesecloth. Once you’re done admiring your cauliflower rice and how much it so uncannily resembles actual cooked rice, empty out the contents into a bowl and mix in all the other ingredients.  Don’t be afraid to get your hands in there and mix it like you have no other care! Be sure to mix everything till it is homogeneously combined and forms a thick, slightly gritty batter.

What you have in your bowl right now is your ‘pizza dough’. No, its is nothing like how you’d ever imagine dough to look or feel like, let along pizza dough, but if you have followed the steps provided religiously, this is exactly what you want, and PERFECT is how it will turn out!

4)Turn your oven on to 400F (205C). Spread out your ‘pizza dough’ onto a sheet tray/baking pan lined with parchment paper. Apply on a thin layer of butter(optional). Press it into any shape of your choice! (Circle, square, rectangular, pentagonal, heart-shaped, however you like it). Shape it so that it is at least 1/3 of an inch thick/high. (Your base will crumble if its too thin.)  This amount of batter will yield you 2 circular bases about 10 inches in diameter or 2 rectangular pieces around 11 inches in length and 7 inches in width. If you enjoy the crust around the edges of your regular pizza, use your palms into make the edges a little higher to achieve that look, like this! ———————–>

5)Bake it till its evenly golden brown in colour and firm to the touch. You’ll be tempted to eat it right away because of how delicious GBD(golden, brown & delicious) it looks. It might remind you of rosti, or even hash browns! Both of which you could use this recipe in for a low-carb alternative. So go ahead if you must. Otherwise, here comes the fun part – the toppings!

6)Grab some pizza sauce (store-bought or home-made, you just made your own flourless pizza base, no one’s gonna judge) and spread it all over the base. Sprinkle on your favourite cheese, followed by whichever topping your choice (we used caramelised onion, button mushrooms and chopped basil). Then back it goes into the oven until the cheese has melted into a delicious gooey mess.

7)Slice it up and serve it up !

Aren’t you glad we gave you a recipe for 2 bases now? 🙂 Have both if you’ve enough guests to serve, or if you’ve just really hungry! Alternatively, go ahead and bake the other base, top it with your ingredients of choice, then cling wrap it and shove it in the freezer for the next time you are in need of a quick meal. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself for this glorious deed.


P.S. For those who are vegan or lactose intolerant: Chia/Flaxseed eggs make great egg replacements. You may replace every egg with 1 tbsp of ground chia or flaxseed mixed with an equal amount of water, and left to sit for 5-10min to bloom. For the dairy, you may replace the cheese in the mixture with 1/2 C of almond flour. For the cheese topping, you might want to either omit it completely or replace with some non-dairy cheese eg. cashew ‘cheese’ or some other specifically stated ‘non-dairy’ cheese you might find in your supermarket.