Month: March 2017

No-dough pizza…?

No-dough pizza…?

  Hello there all you beautiful people! It’s just past lunch time and i’m sure you’ve all had your fill, so I don’t feel so bad about perking up your appetites this Wednesday afternoon with that picture on the left displaying a gorgeous slice of…. Well, […]

Homemade cheese!

Homemade cheese!

Who run the world? Cheese! That’s right. Without cheese, we will be barren from some of life’s greatest delicacies: Cheesecakes.. Pizza(bare necessity of life).. Mac & cheese.. Nacho sauce.. Grilled cheese sandwiches(!!!).. Cheese stuffed sausages(dat ooze).. Cheeseburgers laden with layers of melted cheese(OMG…).. Tiramisu.. Cheese […]

Hello World: Tarts vs Cakes

Hello World: Tarts vs Cakes

Hello World! Tarts & Things is very happy to announce to all of you that we have officially launched (like finally?!) and we are ever ready to serve all of you with open arms – just ensure you have open mouths to receive all the goodies we’re gonna be showering you with!

We are so excited about this new venture and showing you how great tarts are, that we are going to dedicate this post solely to why tarts should be on the center of the table for every celebratory occasion. We want to show you how they can change the world to make it a much happier place and how with tarts, every single one of you can achieve a sense of fulfilment.

Why we are so crazy about tarts, and why you should be too? Here’s 5 reasons to prove our point….


    No one likes to be treated unfairly, do they? That’s right, I thought so. How would you feel then, if your buddy is given the slice of cake with that chocolate rose on top, which you have been eyeing from even before the cake box had been opened(you obviously took a sneak peak)? I’m guessing you wouldn’t be feeling your best, even though this seemingly unfair distribution was probably unintentional.
    See, cakes are decorated in such a way where different slices of the same cake usually have an unequal amount of frosting in order to yield that artsy-fartsy, designer look. Tarts on the other hand, have a greater level of homogeneity in each slice. Everything is mostly equally spread out. Think not just about yourself – but also the tarts. They have feelings too, y’know?! Don’t let the slices be jealous of each other and cause a ruckus- you’ll have only yourself to blame. So say NO to inequality: Give a good tart a chance!


    I’m pretty sure you’ve had that sick feeling in your tummy after eating one too many pieces of cake – Or as we locals say, Wah, damn jelat already!”. If you disagree, you’re probably either lying or haven’t been living your life to the fullest. I know I have. But never once have I had that feeling when I go all out on tarts! The bite of that crust always balances out its filling, be it sweet or savoury, creamy or moist.

    You see, both get you to a level of gastronomic high at the start. I mean, there’s this big thing of deliciousness on the table which everyone is surrounding. You’re gonna dig in as soon as you’re handed a slice. Nobody’s gonna blame you for that. Sometimes you go for another piece… and another… and another. Or sometimes you don’t at all. It all depends on your marginal level of satisfaction. This is where you reach your peak of enjoyment. And that’s when you should stop. Any further and your appreciation for it dwindles. With cake, most people tend to settle with just a single slice. The slightly more daring ones go for another. Very rarely though, does it go beyond that, unless of course that cake is made of bacon… (just kidding, that actually sounds kinda odd). With tarts though, you’d have to eat a WHOLE LOT before you feel that ugh-ness kick it. It usually doesn’t hit that level, because your caloric conscience would have stopped you long before. Once again, who wins? The Tart.


    Enough said.


    Mmmmhmm. Simply and anatomically put, there’s a lot more to enjoy when it comes to tarts as compared to cakes! If you can’t have your cake an eat it too, have a tart.


    This is linked to point 2. Since the marginal rate of satisfaction for eating cakes declines at a much quicker rate than tart, we have deduced that they need to be cut into smaller pieces. The following image depicts how:


  6. Forget about about slicing; With tarts, you can simply make mini ones (a.k.a. tartlets) – lots of em! Everyone gets their own whole piece and everyone is happy as they get an equal amount. It also tastes better seeing how aesthetically good it looks on the plate. It’s like you got a whole tart to yourself – just a miniature version! This makes it appealing to the eye as much as to the stomach. (Yes, visuals do play a huge part in taking the level of deliciousness up a notch!)
    In the case of the cake, its since it has to be cut into more pieces, many of these pieces are unequal. My heart goes out to those who are only able to grasp the pieces in the corners. To make it worse, The multiple layers of frosting lead to it spilling out at each piece’s sides, turning each piece into a mess on each person’s plate. Call it abstract, but i’d take a pretty slice of tart over that any day.

    DON’T GET ME WRONG: I don’t mean to hate on cake. I love cake! But many get caught up in the dreamy idea of cake. Put up a couple of facts about the two side by side like i’ve just done above, and you’ll realise that the tart…. takes the cake. Hands down, tart shells up.