Home sweet home

Welcome to Tarts & Things!

Before you begin, we are obliged to issue you a warning to….

…and browse with caution…

Tarts are our thing; We love tarts. We love tarts so much we’ll make you love them as much too. Turn away now, or be prepared to lose your significant other, family, friends, colleagues and even pets(if you’re a clumsy eater)… Why? Because when you bring home that tart, they’ll love it more than you. And if it seems like they still love you more, it’s probably because they want you to order more tarts! But don’t you worry… if you stuff your face enough, you’ll barely notice.

You’ll think we’re sending you tarts for you to consume, but in reality… these tarts consume YOU.

Don’t say we didn’t warn ya.

P.S. Wondering what the ‘Things’ of ‘Tarts & Things’ are? We specialise in other products too! Tarts may be round(most of the time), but there are other things that make the world go round too. Feel free to take a look under the ‘Things’ tab and check out what other goodies we have in store!

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Lotsa loaf,